Dillsburg, PA. (July 25th, 2013)  –  "Mr. Campbell returns": 

Doug Campbell began work at Joseph Machine Company on June 23rd, 1997Doug has been an accomplished assembler for JMC but over the years and as time goes by it's easy to begin to take your workplace for granted.... 

Doug served our country in the Army from 1981-83 so he thought that maybe a new job associated with a military based organization might just scratch the itch to work elsewhere.  Doug began working at the Lincoln Military Housing facilities doing warranty type maintenance. He felt making his way back to a military based work structure might provide an environment he would appreciate.

After months had passed, we here at JMC noticed regular visits at JMC from Doug while he was employed at Lincoln Military Housing. So when after approx 9 months had passed and Doug was seen talking to Scot Hamm (our production manager), it did not cause us to think anything other than he was here for a regular visit. This time, however, Scot happened to be looking through a file of resumes in search of an additional assembler as the workload here was continuing to grow. Scot asked Doug "when can you start?" and shut his folder of assembler candidates.

Doug soon started back and the answers he gave when asked why he chose to return to JMC were "I wasn't challenged enough at my new job" and " I missed it here". Doug was asked if anything had changed while he was gone and I was not too surprised to hear that he felt that the work atmosphere had gotten even better.  That improvement was credited to the shop floor personnel. "That group has continued to improve in attitude and in quality over the past year, and the work atmosphere is simply better because of it" Doug said.
Doug takes pride in his work, pride in his country and in that fact that the machines he helps to assemble are made right here in the USA. That desire to serve our country continues in the Campbell family as his son Shawn has been serving in the Navy for 7 years.