Apr 12, 2023

Automated Solutions For Processing Aluminum Extrusions

High Speed Solutions for Aluminum Extrusion Processing
Cutting aluminum extrusion is often an overlooked way to add automation to your production.  Joseph offers a full line of both standard and custom solutions to help you improve speed, safety and quality for cutting aluminum extrusions of all shapes and sizes. Here are some example applications:Fully Automated Straight Cut Saws Our SC90 platform customized to meet a customers unique safety and automation requirements - auto-load, auto-unload with a full suite of safety.
Watch A Fully Automated Sawing Solution
Zero Scrap 45-90 SawsHigh speed production with minimal scrap are highlights of our ZDM and ZHVN pusher based saws.  Under 20 second cycle times are easily achievable and software to optimize stick utilization.  With multi-track layouts, these machines can pay for themselves rapidly.
Watch ZDM Cutting 4 Tracks Of Extrusion
High Speed Cut and Fab Machining CentersNo one has more experience with high-speed cut and fabrication of aluminum than Joseph.  Our machining centers with option hydraulic tools can take complex, manual die work and automate it.
Watch an SFMC w Hydraulics Process Aluminum Extrusion
CNC Machining CentersFor the ultimate in flexibility Joseph offers a full lineup of CNC machining centers.  With unparalleled service and support, a jCNC can help your team stay ahead of production goals.
Watch a jCNC In Action
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