Increase throughput with automated systems

made for your workflow and floorplan

Extrusion Cutting and Fabrication

Joseph Machine is the leader in multi-step machining centers for the fenestration industry. Increase throughput while saving labor and space.

CNC Machining Centers

Joseph Machine sells a full line of CNC machining centers optimized for the fabrication of extrusions. Multiple options are available for fenestration, industrial and curtain wall applications.

Aluminum Cutting & Fabrication Machinery

From simple single head saws to complex double head saws with additional tooling, Joseph offers aluminum cutting equipment to meet your production needs.

Why window manufacturers & extruders choose us

  • Lineal processing automation

    Want to consolidate machines, reallocate labor, lower production costs and enhance part quality?

  • Reach 95% material yield

    Save at least $800,000/year in material costs with our Zero Scrap Saw and lineal optimization software

  • “Catalog-only” doesn’t cut it

    Your specs are our marching orders — customizing controls, outfeeds and tooling is just part of the job.

  • Unthinkable throughput targets

    Need two complex parts completely cut, fabricated and ready for the next step every 60 seconds? No problem.

  • Our support philosophy

    Call us any time. If we have to book a same-day flight to courier mission-critical parts to you, we will.

Speed. Efficiency. Precision.

See engineering in action.

  • Parts for 500,000 cars and counting

    See how custom-built automation helps meet tough production goals for a major automaker.

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  • Window maker goes beyond the catalog to cut cycle times

    When off-the-shelf solutions wouldn’t cut it, this window manufacturer needed a custom Compact SFMC system to simultaneously perform multiple fabrications and produce a window every minute.

    Watch the case study
  • Curtain wall manufacturer automates to increase quality

    This curtain wall maker automated to fabricate a wide array of parts more accurately and went from 10 machine operators down to just one.

    Watch the case study
  • Window maker saves 7 figures in lineal waste

    Take a deep dive into how high-efficiency automated systems achieved a 95% material yield. Then ask yourself, what could your company do with an extra $800,000 per year?

    Read the case study

Equipment tailored to your exact needs

Give us your desired specs and production goals. Our expert engineers will provide the system you need now and help keep it up to date as your operation changes.

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