Joseph Uses Advanced Engineering & Technology to Improve Your Bottom Line

  • Machining Centers for Fenestration Production

    Joseph Machine is the leader in multi-step machining centers for the fenestration industry. Custom designed to your exact needs, this is the ultimate way to maximize high volume window and door production.

  • CNC Equipment for Extrusion Processing

    Joseph Machine sells a full line of CNC equipment designed for the North American market in a variety of long travel formats and equipped with Siemens Industrial Controls.

  • ACM Panel Processing Equipment

    Repurpose more than half of your processing and routing space with Casadei Industria’s highly optimized automatic fabrication systems. CNC Panel Routers with vertical tables, patented automatic loading devices and automated panel edge finishing and folding equipment will revolutionize your composite panel processing.

  • Advanced Machinery for Curtain Wall Processing

    Gemma Group's line of advanced cutting and CNC equipment will help your curtain wall production move into the 21st century.

Why window manufacturers & extruders choose us

  • Lineal processing automation

    Want to consolidate machines, reallocate labor, lower production costs and enhance part quality?

  • Reach 95% material yield

    Save at least $800,000/year in material costs with our Zero Scrap Saw and lineal optimization software

  • “Catalog-only” doesn’t cut it

    Your specs are our marching orders — customizing controls, outfeeds and tooling is just part of the job.

  • Unthinkable throughput targets

    Need two complex parts completely cut, fabricated and ready for the next step every 60 seconds? No problem.

  • Our support philosophy

    Call us any time. If we have to book a same-day flight to courier mission-critical parts to you, we will.

Parts for 500,000 cars and counting

In order to win a major automotive contract, this aluminum extruder needed to automate the production of 30-pound battery rails — and they needed to do it quickly. We delivered, and now their parts are securing the batteries of hundreds of thousands of cars on the road today.

Tell us what you need, and we’ll make it happen

Our mission is simple: To understand your unique requirements, and then engineer, build and install a lineal processing line that meets and exceeds them.

Learning Center

Answer your questions about cutting & fabricating lineal extrusions

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