Process lineals faster, easier and safer

Extrusion fabrication machinery for smart, dependable lines

Industrial extrusion fabricators have important work to do, creating aluminum parts that will become an integral piece of products in renewable energy, automobiles, construction and more.

Their products need to be delivered within specs and on schedule, so there is no room for downtime in these operations.

Joseph Machine Company has designed and constructed lineal extrusion fabrication machinery for industrial manufacturers over the past 35 years.

These companies trust us to keep their operations moving, machine after machine, because our experts collaborate with customers to create fabrication systems that meet their goals and are always available to keep things running smoothly.

Push for perfection

How could we enhance your extrusion processing system and put you in a better position to grow?

  • Lower cycle times, diminish production costs, reduce labor and consolidate systems through automatic fabrication equipment
  • Enhance quality and eliminate waste with precise extrusion control
  • Eliminate unnecessary material scrap and reduce expenses with a Zero Scrap cutting technology and lineal optimization software
  • Minimize downtime with user-friendly designs, comprehensive service plans and 24/7 customer support

Designed for you — not the masses

Systems that work for a solar panel company may not be ideal for an automotive manufacturer.

That’s why we work with clients one-on-one to answer a question:
What do you need from your machine?

That question leads to many more. Our engineers will ask about factors like project scope, production goals and part requirements.

Lineal processing line automation reduces labor requirements while cutting material scrap rates to less than 5%. We help quantify the long-term value of scrap reduction or automation programming so you can weigh total cost of ownership against the upfront acquisition price.

Send us the profile prints, fabrication drawings and corporate engineering specification. We meet all your tolerances and timeframes with an array of sawing, drilling, milling and other equipment arranged to fit your operation.

If your floor plan requires a square footprint, you’ll have it. Want preventative maintenance measures like deburring brushes? No problem. Have throughput goals that can’t be met using CNC or standard machines? We’ll get you there.

We’ll customize designs to meet new demands if your customers change the specs for their part orders. We’ve changed plans multiple times within the same design for industrial customers to ensure our machines are exactly what they need.

You’ll receive a 3D rendering of your machine after our concept is approved and designed. We’ll walk you through its features and verify if your machine:

  • Will meet production goals?
  • Cut and fabricate at your desired quality, tolerances and throughput?
  • Can be improved upon?

Tested again and again

After you approve the design, we’ll build and test the machine. Your team runs the equipment on our testing floor so it’s precisely what the fabricator ordered before we ship it.

Service technicians will travel to your facility to install the machine, make final adjustments, and train your operators and maintenance crew.

Your team will take over from there, but don’t hesitate to call us anytime if issues arise.

Make better parts faster with automatic fabrication

Remove the guesswork and operator errors from your production lines with automatic fabrication equipment. You’ll produce perfect parts with systems you can set your watch to.

Our systems are designed modularly to produce the parts you need now and in the future.
All of your sawing, drilling, routing and punching can be set within a single enclosure for added safety and quality assurance. Or we can install each tool into its own machine that fits your ongoing operation.

Fully automated systems can be operated by a single technician, greatly reducing your daily labor requirements so line team members can be reallocated to other areas of production.

Service and maintenance made easy

A breakdown doesn’t have to mean a missed order with our service and maintenance programs.

You’ll get a list of critical spare parts, tooling and consumables to get your lines back in order as soon as possible should a problem arise.

We also house a wide inventory of spare parts that can be delivered within 24 hours. If we don’t have it, we will reach out to a vendor and have it to you with a competitive lead time.

Let’s talk about your extrusion fabrication goals

We can help you improve throughput, reduce labor requirements and achieve 95% material yield. Just click below or give us a call at 717-432-3442.

Key problem solved

  • Cut cycle times
  • Reach 90-95% material yield
  • Maximize production flexibility
  • Fewer operators required
Let’s talk about your dream project

Let’s talk about your dream project

Our mission is simple: To understand your unique requirements, and then engineer, build and install a lineal processing line that meets and exceeds them.