Fast, flexible fabrication for the fenestration industry

Lineal processing equipment & software for storefront and curtain wall manufacturers

All storefront and curtain wall manufacturers know that skilled labor isn’t getting easier to find, material isn’t getting cheaper and part quality isn’t getting less important.

Does the equipment on your line account for — and overcome — these issues?

It should.

More parts, fewer operators, less material.

We engineer, build and install lineal processing equipment and software for the storefront commercial window and curtain wall industry — and have been since 1986.

But window manufacturers don’t come to us decade after decade for saws, drills or lines of code.

They partner with us to tackle ambitious operational goals on their lineal extrusion processing lines:

  • Cutting cycle times, lowering per-part production costs and consolidating machines through extrusion processing automation
  • Reducing remakes with technology that continually monitors the exact position of the extrusion throughout the step-through process to ensure accuracy
  • Eliminating unnecessary material scrap with our Zero Scrap Saw and lineal processing software that uses proprietary algorithms to optimize batches, cut lengths and production flow
  • Increase uptime with user-friendly machine design, comprehensive maintenance plans and a 24/7 support line

No one buys manufacturing equipment without an end goal.

And that’s where we start any project — speaking with your plant manager, engineering team and ownership to help us better understand what you’re trying to accomplish with your cutting and fabrication center.

Once we know your goal, ours is simple:

To engineer a production solution that will help you meet or exceed it.

Your goals are our marching orders

No two curtain wall manufacturers are alike. That’s why we’ll partner with you throughout the design process. We help you design the best equipment solution to meet your needs — whether it’s one of our standard models, a retrofit of your legacy equipment or a customized lineal processing automation solution.

From design to installation

After our initial goal-setting conversation, our team will develop a concept for your machine and, once you approve, commence the design phase.

Before production begins, we utilize 3D renderings of your machine design to get all stakeholders aligned on three key questions:

  • Is this machine going to help you meet the operational goals you set at the beginning of the project?
  • Will it be able to cut and fabricate the lineal parts you need to your tolerance, throughput and quality specifications?
  • Are there any design changes required before final production?

Once you sign off, we build your machine and invite your team to come to our facility, giving you an opportunity to verify its performance and receive one-on-one training.

Afer a successful acceptance of performance, we ship the machine to your facility.

If needed, our service technicians can come to your facility for on-site qualification, as well as to train your operators and maintenance crew.

At that point, your equipment is ready for production and your team can be confident that our 24/7 support line will always be available to assist in resolving any issues that arise.

To see how this process played out for a major North American curtain wall manufacturer, check out this case study.

USA, all the way

Every minute of downtime costs your plant money. We manufacture and support from right here in the USA, allowing us to respond to your requests in a timely manner.

Our field service technicians are a quick call, drive or domestic flight away. Our customers have anytime access to our experienced spare parts department. Through a combination of recommended part stocking lists, our internal inventory and in-house machining capabilities, we strive to maximize your uptime. Have an emergency? Call us 24/7.

Want to learn how to vet the spare parts programs of different OEMs? Click here.

Let’s talk about your plant’s unmet goals

What do you need to achieve on your plant floor?

Better throughput? Fewer rejected parts? 95% material yield?

Whatever goal you’re trying to reach, Joseph Machine Company can help you grab it. We’ll tailor the exact lineal processing equipment and software combination you need to achieve it.

Key problem solved

  • Cut cycle times
  • Reach 90-95% material yield
  • Maximize production flexibility
  • Fewer operators required
Let’s talk about your dream project

Let’s talk about your dream project

Our mission is simple: To understand your unique requirements, and then engineer, build and install a lineal processing line that meets and exceeds them.