Mission, Values and History

Meet Joseph Machine Company

Joseph Machine Company (JMC) engineers lineal processing equipment and software that cut cycle times, boost part quality and eliminate unnecessary scrap. And for more than 30 years, “Joseph” has been synonymous with the best in custom fabrication solutions.

From the debut of our first automated saw machine in 1986 — still in production today — to the newest, high-quality standard line of machines launched in 2009, JMC has taken the lead in providing innovative manufacturing solutions to such varied industries as fenestration, solar, aluminum extruders, residential patio enclosures and solariums, fencing, lighting, wind power and transportation.

Here, you’ll learn more about our unwavering commitment to production excellence and client satisfaction.

Making our own rules

Joseph Machine Company’s engineers, programmers and craftsmen are a breed apart. Problem solvers to the core, no challenge is too tough to take on.

Our experts look for the best solutions for each client, whether it’s a tried-and-true method or a unique one-off solution to a challenging task.

At JMC, we don’t sell you just a machine, but a true solution for your manufacturing needs. We feel this is what sets us apart and makes us the best value in the industry.

Setting the standard for productivity

JMC is a pioneer in the industry and sets the standard for productivity, quality and material yields. Innovations such as step-through processing machines and Zero-Scrap saws demonstrate our passion to provide customers with solutions to optimize their operations. JMC continues to design the future of the industry with our quest for breakthrough technology.

Our story

In 1986, Joseph Pigliacampo founded Joseph Machine Company in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, to provide innovative fabrication solutions to the North American fenestration and extrusion industries.

Joe was a born problem solver, and brought his knack for investigative thinking and passion for answers to JMC, engineering customized, turnkey solutions for the fenestration industry, breaking out of the same old production molds that had dominated the market for decades. Joe believed that automation was the key innovation that would change the industry going forward and was determined to have JMC help customers realize that.

Joe’s pioneering spirit continues to define JMC today.

Our engineers, designers and production specialists continue to focus on innovation, always delivering practical solutions to real-life problems. It’s what has propelled us to the forefront of the industry.

Today, we’ve expanded well beyond the fenestration market to include a wide variety of industries in need of extrusion fabrication equipment, including solar, aluminum extruders, residential patio enclosures and solariums, fencing, lighting, wind power and transportation.


  • 1986
    Company founded
  • 1989
    Custom design to the “Flying Cut-off” for Overhead Door
  • 1990
    Designed and developed the first saw machine utilizing Step-Through process
  • 1991
    Launched the RTM Geometric Saw — ahead of industry demand for geometric production equipment
  • 1992
    Designed and developed the first machine utilizing CNC postioning
  • 1994
    Developed push saw method
  • 1997
    Introduced Zero-Scrap features (ZHVN-4545), built new 50,000-square-foot headquarters
  • 2001
    Completed construction on additional 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space
  • 2002
    Debuted Welder line
  • 2005
    Introduced Cleaner line
  • 2009
    Launched standard line of high-quality production machines
  • 2012
    Developed Zero-Scrap lineal optimization software
  • 2016
    Introduced Step-Through processing equipment for commercial extruder market
  • 2019
    Debuted robotic loading and unloading solutions to integrate into our machinery

Our people

Nobody has a passion for machinery like Joseph Machine Company. Our people live and breathe our machines and they bring that passion, knowledge and technical expertise to every project.

With decades of experience in delivering production equipment solutions, our highly skilled designers and engineers work closely with customers to turn their ideas into reality.

We’re committed to providing the optimum production solution for you, whether it’s one of our top-quality standard product offerings or a completely custom-engineered platform.

Our Sales Team

The JMC sales and business development team is a group of experienced industry experts in automated fabrication. Our sales engineers are strategically deployed to assist our customers with innovative solutions for their fabricating needs. Each of our sales engineers strives to meet every customer’s requirements for process efficiency and improvements.

Our value proposition is to define, design and deliver superior, domestically produced fabrication machinery that meets customers’ needs for efficiency, productivity and safety.

Joseph Custom/Standard Machinery Sales Team:

  • Chris Cooper - Director, Business Development East

    Chris has been with JMC for over 20 years and has 23 years of capital machine procurement and manufacturing process development experience. Chris attended Indiana University, Bloomington, IN where he studied Architectural Drafting.

  • Kevin Schrock - Director, Business Development Central

    He has over 20 years’ experience working in capital equipment procurement and sales.

  • Dale Traftz - Director, Business Development West

    Dale has been at JMC for 5 years and is based in our Seattle, Washington sales office. Dale has over 25 years of capital equipment procurement and manufacturing process development experience and has held Customer Service and Service Management positions in previous assignments.

Casadei Industrial Machinery Sales Team:

  • Raymond “Ray” Smith - Regional Sales Manager

    Having worked at Joseph from 1995 to 2001 as National Sales and Marketing Manager, Ray returned in 2019 to help Joseph launch the Casadei Industria product line for the U.S. market. Ray has been involved with architectural building products for over 25 years and is an industrial engineer focusing on efficient use of space, time and ergonomics in manufacturing environments through the use of automation.

  • Larry Daignault - Sales Manager

    Larry has 25 years’ experience offering CNC automation solutions for the architectural panel fabrication industry. Larry’s knowledge and expertise are instrumental in helping Joseph Machine expand our services in the building envelope industry in connection with our partnership with Casadei Industria-ProComposite Tech; the world's most advanced automated machinery solutions for the panel fabrication industry.

Our mission

Joseph Machine Company strives to build equipment, solutions and services that create economy, opportunity and growth for our teams, our customers and our community.

Our internal culture is defined by passion for our work, our customers and our team. As a family-owned enterprise, the concept of ‘family’ is central to everything we do. We invest in our people so they can succeed professionally, personally and financially. We treat our customers like family and truly care about their success.

We continuously improve ourselves and our products in order to design and build the best services possible. We run our organization with integrity, humility and a team-centered approach that makes people want to spend their careers with us, and makes customers never want to stop working with us.


Our values

Create value.

We strive to create value in everything we do for our teams, our community and our customers. We build and sell machinery and services that must help our customers’ businesses thrive while also delivering to our bottom line. When we create value for our customers, they want to work with us more. This in turn allows us to create more jobs and offer more compensation to our team members so they can stimulate the economy in our community.

Care about what you do.

We care about our work, our teams and our customers. We sweat the details because they matter to us.  We go above and beyond to help our customers because we care about their success. We admit our mistakes because we care about continually improving. We treat our team members like family because we care about them and their success. Caring is an attitude and a reason for our success.

Do the right thing.

We empower our team to always try and do the right thing for each other and our customers. Short-term profit should never get in the way of long-term success and relationships. We think in generations, not quarters. We believe that doing the right things, for long enough, is the surest path to success.

Best ideas win.

We are a meritocracy that rewards good ideas over tenure and politics. We are humble enough to know the limits of our knowledge and abilities, and are always willing to question our strategy and tactics when new information comes to light. We are not concerned with where ideas come from, only that they enter the conversation.

Never settle for good enough.

Good enough works at other companies, but not at Joseph. We embrace innovative solutions to problems and never let the status quo be a reason to not change going forward. We embrace the hard work of being the best at what we do and strive to continually improve ourselves, our products and services and our business practices.

People and relationships define us.

Joseph is only as good as the people and customers we retain and the relationship we have with each of them. We work to create an environment where employees want to spend their careers and customers want to spend their dollars. We will always endeavor to treat team members and customers fairly and prioritize the long-term relationship over the short-term gain.

Let’s talk about your dream project

Our mission is simple: To understand your unique requirements, and then engineer, build and install a lineal processing line that meets and exceeds them.