The TLR-2 is a stand alone tilt latch processor, designed to fabricate the left tilt latch slot on one sash and the right tilt latch slot of another sash simultaneously. The operator moves the sash squares to the opposite fixture pockets to complete the fabrication.


  • Estimated Machine Cycle time: 4-6 seconds per cycle
  • Ergonomic working height, fine adjustments made via leveling feet
  • Heavy duty powder coated steel frame
  • 1/2” Filter/Regulator with OSHA compliant lockout/tagout
  • Coalescing air filter
  • Routers
    • Two 2 HP variable frequency motors
    • Router carriage rides on precision ground rails and linear bearings
    • Flow controlled router feed
  • Controls – PLC control system
  • Electrical foot pedal activation