jCNC Junior

CNC Machining Center, 3 axis tooling head, SIEMENS controls.

  • Technical Data
    • Machine particularly indicated for working on light alloy, PVC and tubolar profiles in steel and stainless steel
    • Working capacity: 0°: 2550x180x140 90°: 2550x180x90 -90°: 2550x180x90
    • Tolerance: +/- 0,2 mm
  • Standard Equipment
    • CNC control unit equipped with colored touch screen system monitor and LGF dedicated software
    • USB port
    • USB pen drive
    • Safety barriers: Photocell /mat/fairing
    • Nr. 4 pneumatic clamps with manual displacement and software indication of correct
    • positioning with scratch-resistant plastic jaws
    • Rotating bench at 90°/0°/-90° with manual displacement of intermediate degrees
    • Variable rotation of the spindle by means of potentiometer or programmable
    • Variable speed of the axis by means of potentiometer
    • Three phase motor 1,5 KW (2HP) – 12000 rpm
    • Automatic tool lubrication system
    • Spindle collet ER 25 type with manual changing of the tool
    • Profiles’ end stop ( L )
    • Chip/swarf colletion drawers
    • Air filter
    • Air gun
    • Service spanners
  • Optionals
    • Three phase motor 2,2 KW (3HP) – 12000 rpm
    • ISO 30 spindle type with fast manual releasing of the cone 3.6 KW (5HP) – 18000 rpm
    • Automatic tool changer with 4 lodgings (100 allocations in the software )
    • Safety perimeter fence
    • Complete fairing
    • Bar codes reader
    • 2D labels reader
    • ISO (G code) programming
    • Long profiles side tunnel (only on machine with fairing)
    • Extra profiles’ end stop on the right hand side
    • Collet ER 32 type
    • Collets with different diameters

Let’s talk about your dream project

Let’s talk about your dream project

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