Make windows faster with less labor and material

Lineal processing machinery and software for reliable fenestration production

Residential fenestration manufacturers stake their livelihoods on quality windows delivered on-time and without interruption.

Has fenestration quality made fulfilling customer orders difficult? Is speed holding your production line back? Are you worried adding equipment to your line means adding more labor?

Keep your lines producing on schedule and precisely to spec with highly-accurate and fast fabrication machinery that’s safe, simple to operate and easy to maintain.

More throughput, fewer operators

We’ve engineered, built and installed lineal processing equipment and software for the residential window industry since 1986.

We work with customers from design to execution to make machines fit the needs of your products and facilities.

What production targets do you need to achieve? We help hit residential fenestration companies’ toughest goals:

  • Accelerate cycle times, lower production costs, reduce labor traffic and minimize machine footprints through automatic fabrication equipment
  • Enhance quality and eliminate waste with precise extrusion control
  • Eliminate unnecessary material scrap (and the associated cost) with a Zero Scrap Saw and lineal processing software
  • Diminish downtime with systems designed for easy maintenance that include comprehensive service plans and always available customer support

Let’s get your leadership teams together. We can learn how to engineer machinery and software to make better parts faster at a greater profit margin.

Your specs are our command

You’ll receive a 3D rendering of your machine after our concept is approved and designed.

We’ll walk you through its features and ask your stakeholders:

  • Will the system help you meet your goals?
  • Does it cut and fabricate at your desired quality, tolerances and throughput?
  • What would make it better?

After everything is engineered to your needs, we’ll thoroughly test the machine. Then your team runs the equipment on our testing floor so it’s exactly what you want before we ship it.

When the machinery reaches your facility, our service engineers come on-site to train your operators and maintenance crew.

Your team will take it from there, but don’t hesitate to call us for support all day, any day, if any issues arise.

Our preventative maintenance software can alert your technicians to major mechanical problems and simple maintenance issues like dull saw blades, as well as allow you to easily track throughput and material waste.

If you’d like to see how the process played out for a major North American window manufacturer, take a look at this case study.

Avoid downtime with quick access to replacement parts

We house a wide inventory of spare parts to keep your lines in operation. Never miss an order for a window retailer because you have a down machine.

Along with the bill of materials, our machines ship with a complete list of the critical parts, tooling and consumables you’ll need on site to never have a dormant processing line.

Everything in our spare parts department can be delivered within 24 hours. If we don’t have it in stock, we will reach out to a vendor and have it to you with a competitive lead time.

When the need arises, call us at 717-432-3442.

Getting any ideas? Let’s talk about them

How much could your production lines improve?

Would better throughput, reduced labor counts and 95% material yield help achieve your operational goals?

Upgrade to durable machinery that provides consistent quality, less scrap and a stable output, even with workforce fluctuations.

Together, we will create the perfect lineal processing machinery and software for your operation.

Key problem solved

  • Cut cycle times
  • Reach 90-95% material yield
  • Maximize production flexibility
  • Fewer operators required
Let’s talk about your dream project

Let’s talk about your dream project

Our mission is simple: To understand your unique requirements, and then engineer, build and install a lineal processing line that meets and exceeds them.