JMC‘s applications department takes a detailed approach to quoting a new project. The information requested will be vital to the success of the project. The most important items are:

  • Stating the desired volume of product per a specific time frame
  • All profile and fabrication prints
  • Project deadlines

JMC specializes in custom machine solutions. Our sales and applications professionals work with the customer’s needs to supply a custom solution for their project.

By supplying JMC with all of the information required for a job (prints, feed direction, voltage, etc…), as well as all signed documentation (order entry checklist). Having sample material delivered on time is very critical as well.

A machine run-off is a collaborative effort between the customer and JMC to test and approve the machine(s) prior to shipment. This process can take anywhere from a day to a week depending on how much equipment there is to test. The run-off concludes with the machine sign-off.

At the conclusion of a run-off, there are two forms that need to be signed. There is a machine acceptance form and a warranty policy statement. The acceptance form contains shipping information, as well as installation date. The acceptance form also has a place for any action items to be completed prior to shipment. Once all of the information is gathered, the customer and a JMC representative will sign the form, stating that the machine is accepted and ready to be shipped. The customer and the JMC representative will also sign the warranty policy, stating that it has been reviewed.

A service agreement is a signed contract between the customer and JMC for work to be performed. The agreement states the hourly working and travel rates for the technician. It also covers air travel, travel expenses and mileage fees. Once the service agreement is completed (with purchase order number), the work can be scheduled.

Yes. The JMC HMI follows a standard CSV file format for accepting production data. The optimization software will have to create optimized batches following this standard CSV file format. The JMC HMI can also be customized to accept production data in any other format. Remember – JMC also has its own lineal optimization software!!

Let’s talk about your dream project

Our mission is simple: To understand your unique requirements, and then engineer, build and install a lineal processing line that meets and exceeds them.