Servo positioned length gauge (end stop) with PC interface and customization capabilities to work with a variety of Joseph equipment.

  • Powder coated steel base with steel panel enclosure
  • Ergonomic working height, fine adjustments made via leveling feet
  • 10’ length capacity
  • Heavy duty powder coated steel frame
  • E-stop control and lockable disconnect
  • Carriage automatically moves along a precision profile rail and bearings
  • Direct drive servo motor
  • Length position displayed on color monitor
  • Aluminum material stop plate
  • Controls – combined PC + PLC control system
  • Networkable
  • Production data can be downloaded using JMC CSV file format
  • Custom color powder coating
  • Shorter/Longer length capacity
  • Touchscreen monitor
  • Customization of software
  • Optimization software
  • Fixtures
    • Custom coated steel/aluminum alignment blocks
    • Coated steel material stop plate

Let’s talk about your dream project

Let’s talk about your dream project

Our mission is simple: To understand your unique requirements, and then engineer, build and install a lineal processing line that meets and exceeds them.