Casadei Industria ALU Machinery

CNC Panel Routing with Automatic Handling, Multipurpose Edge Processing and Cassette Folding Solutions

Joseph Machine is proud to be the exclusive North American distributor of Casadei Industria ALU ProComposite Tech CNC panel routers and panel processing equipment. Casadei Industria has a 25-year history of automating processing for ACM panels, architectural cladding and other sheet-formed materials.

Casadei Industria’s ALU panel routing and finishing equipment has a wide variety of industry applications including aluminum and metal cladding, sign making, graphic and print finishing, plastic fabrication, metal fabrication, point-of-purchase millwork construction, foam panel processing and solid surface production and processing.  Panels made from materials with PE & mineral cores, solid aluminum, HPL and fibre cement can all be processed on Casadei Industria machinery.

ALU Ranger OneR requires less space and operators

The ALU Ranger line of CNC panel routers with vertical tables, including the OneR and VGroove models, will transform your production. Casadei Industria’s innovative vertical table design offers great benefits over horizontal routing machines:

  • 60% less floor space than horizontal CNC panel routing systems
  • Fewer repetitive stress injuries for your operators; less bending at the waist
  • Vertical Vacuum table loads and unloads faster
  • Go from two machine operators to one
  • Easily program curved and circular hemmed edges on ACM panels


Process panels faster with ALU Ranger V-Groove machines

    • Fabricates up to 2,000 inches per minute, four to five times faster than router bits.
    • Reduces floor space, labor and improves machine cycle times through faster loading and unloading
    • Cuts and v-groove panels at angles other than 90 degrees to produce non-standard shapes at 2,000 inches per minute
    • Ideal for working with aluminum, light alloys, PVC, wood, fiberglass and steel materials.

Download ALU RANGER V-GROOVE brochure

Automate the finishing of cut ACM panels with ALU Bender

Meet your ACM panel demand without increasing headcount.

Casadei Industria takes manual labor out of the finishing of cut architectural, composite, aluminum honeycomb and fiber panels.

Reduce the need for skilled finishers, process more panels per shift and improve quality through automation.

The ALU Bender automates the finishing of panels by automatically finishing the edges of the fabricated panels:

    • Mills the top layer of an aluminum and composite panel and then bend the lower layer of the material at 90 degrees to cover the exposed composite material at up to 6 meters per minute.
    • Seamlessly joins two AMC panels.
    • Special tooling options allow for double internal and external bending to provide a bull-nose effect or create a flange.
    • Optional feature removes saw chatter marks and bevel the edges of HPL and fiber cement panels for a professional finished look.
    • Automatically seal the edges of fiber cement panels.


Eliminate hand tool folding with ALU Folder

The ALU Folder automates the folding of panel edges, speeding up production and improving quality

    • Eliminate wavy edges created when a hand tool is used to fold the AMC panel returns
    • Simple operation makes training operators easy and efficient
    • Up to 10x faster than manual hand tools.
    • Capable of bending a double V -grooved side


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Key benefits

  • Reduce floor space by 60%
  • Improve operator ergonomics
  • Reduce labor
  • Improve quality
  • Improve throughput
Let’s talk about your dream project

Let’s talk about your dream project

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