The First Customized Lineal Extrusion Processing Machine

When your operation needs to grow, Joseph Machine’s SFMC platform produces at the speed and the quality level you demand. All with an intelligent fabrication platform designed to eliminate material scrap and maximize yield.

How Joseph Machines fabricate faster:

Up to 7 inline tooling features performs multiple jobs simultaneously.

$3 million in spare parts plus on-site 24/7 support means you’re never down long.

Intelligent HMI software produces zero scrap and up to 95% material yield for huge savings.

Why Joseph Machine’s SFMC platform is still unmatched.

  • Customized machine-build to match your unique production goals
  • Incredibly safe – one operator can safely work the machine without risk of injury from the tooling
  • Faster than the rest. Fabricate a lineal in 60 seconds
  • 24/7 product support and factory-trained technicians

Watch a demo of our SFMC window fabrication platform in action

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