The MC-180 Geometric Saw is an automated multiple-angle saw that utilizes an adjustable saw chassis to cut the ends of various geometric frame components. The MC-180 is ideal for cutting trapezoidal and other geometric profiles. The saw is bottom-mounted and strokes up for efficient, safe cuts.


  • Estimated Cycle Time: 6-8 seconds per cycle
  • Range of saw angles 15° to 175° (min and max angle profile dependent)
  • Cut Angle Tolerance: ±1/2°
  • Ergonomic working height (from 39” to 44-1/2”), fine adjustments made via leveling feet
  • Heavy duty powder coated steel frame
  • Chip Tray
  • Machine interrupt switch on rear hinged door
  • 1/2” Filter/Regulator with OSHA compliant lockout/tagout
  • Coalescing air filter
  • Machine lubrication – Grease fittings at each linear bearing
  • Saws – One multi-angle saw
    • Equipped with a 3hp (3450rpm) motor
    • Cuts with a 16” carbide tipped saw blade
    • vacuum port at saw
  • Saw carriage rides on precision ground rails and bearings
  • Pneumatically activated by Air/Oil cylinder
  • Manually adjustable flow control for saw stroke
  • Tape scale for Angular adjustment
  • Vertical clamping with universal UHMW clamp pad
  • Electrical: 240V AC (20A – 3 Phase) or 480V AC (15A – 3 Phase) hookup
  • Fusible disconnect with OSHA compliant lockout
  • Controls – PLC control system
  • Electrical foot pedal activation
  • Fixtures:
    • Mounted to single solid fence plate
    • Custom fixturing per profiles
    • Offset fixturing at -2.5” or -5.0” (requires adjustable split rear fence)
    • Additional vertical/horizontal clamping
  • 18” carbide tipped saw blade
  • Outfeed
    • Stainless steel table
    • 10’ Roller table
    • CES-10
  • Controls
    • Electrical Two-Hand tie down available
    • Laser guide for visual cut registration
    • Digital readout for angular adjustment
    • Servo controlled angular adjustment
    • Transformers available for different voltages
  • Custom color powder coating
  • Pro-Lube lubrication system for cutting
  • Auto-Lube system for machine lubrication

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Let’s talk about your dream project

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