H4W Horizontal Vinyl Welders

Automated horizontal four-point PVC welder.

  • Estimated cycle time: 30 seconds for machine cycle
  • Weld size – 14” x 14” minimum
  • Weld size – 64” x 64” maximum (H4W 60.60)
  • Weld size – 84” x 108” maximum (H4W 80.100)
  • Heavy duty machined, powder coated, tubular steel frame
  • 1/2” Filter/Regulator with OSHA compliant lockout/tagout
  • Coalescing air filter
  • Single fixed head and three moving heads
  • Servo controlled positioning of moving heads using drive belts
  • All carriages ride on precision ground rails and linear bearings
  • Welding heads feature pneumatic actuated, cast plates with Teflon paper
  • Electrical: 480V AC(15A – 3 Phase)
  • Fusible disconnect with OSHA compliant lockout/tagout
  • Controls – combined PC + PLC control system
  • Networkable
  • Production data can be downloaded using JMC CSV file format
  • Fixtures:
    • 2 to 4 pocket weld fixtures
    • Pneumatic sequenced clamping system
    • Machined anodized aluminum fixtures with individual pocket clamping
    • 13” height capacity for clamp fixtures
  • Custom color powder coating
  • Servo positioning utilizing ballscrews
  • Welding
    • Notched heat plates for sloped sill application
    • Quick change, heavy duty, copper based Teflon foil
  • Outfeed – Unload conveyor system for pass-thru production
  • Controls
    • Touch screen monitor
    • Upgraded safety packages
    • Transformers available for different voltages
    • Auto sizing via barcode scanning

Let’s talk about your dream project

Let’s talk about your dream project

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