Custom clamping station for window frame and sash assembly.

  • Machine Information:
    • XY servo positioning of the four heads
    • One fixed bridge and one moveable bridge
    • All moving components are guided on profile bearing rails.
    • Pneumatic clamping in corners to ensure alignment
    • Custom frame sizes to meet the customers’ needs
  • Fixture Information:
    • Adjustable fixture sets and clamps for variation in frame widths.
    • Anodized aluminum fixture components.
  • Fastening Options:
    • Pneumatic staple guns
    • Pneumatic Screw guns with automated bowl feeders
    • Pneumatic or hydraulic corner crimping systems
    • Corner cold glue dispensing systems
  • Hot Melt Pumping and Metering System:
    • Pneumatic Pump will be used to draw glue from container or pail and supply glue to the metering cylinders at each head.
    • Four metering cylinders with pneumatic assist will be located at each head to provide constant pressure and regulate the amount of glue to inject at each cycle.
    • High Pressure Hoses, connected through a noncorrosive distribution manifold will connect the Nozzles, Metering Cylinders, and Pump System.
  • PC – PLC & Software:
    • Pedestal mounted Dell PC with CD ROM with Flat Panel Screen in Industrial Cabinet &Stand Alone Stand with Keyboard & Mouse
    • JMAXX II Weld-Rite Graphical Windows Interface, File Editor, Manual & Operator Screens with Operator Cues, Network Capable & PC Compatible
    • Programmable Controller will be used to control all timing and sequencing of the machine.
    • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with 3-Axis Motion Control will be used to control all timing and sequencing and axis control of the clamp.
  • Electrical / Pneumatics:
    • Filter-regulator
    • Tool oiler
    • UL Certified Electrical panel
    • Servo motors will provide the primary torque for positioning the tooling plates and bridge beams.
    • Corner sensors
    • Power Requirements; 480 VAC 30 amps
    • Compressed air requirement is; 150 CFM at 90 PSI.
  • Off-Load Conveyor System:
    • Two powered Off-Load Conveyor belts are mounted between bridge beams.
    • Pneumatic cylinders will lift completed sash out of clamp fixtures to convey out of machine at time of unload.
    • Photo Sensors to detect completed square passage
  • Safety:
    • Safety Fencing on sides of machine with opening in front for operator entry with safety beam and opening on exit.
    • Guarding is over all rotating drive components.
    • Material present safety sensors are incorporated into the clamp fixtures.
    • An emergency stop button is mounted to the control panel which cuts power to all outputs when actuated.

Let’s talk about your dream project

Let’s talk about your dream project

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