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A brand new machine for Joseph Machine Company, the SCF-430 is a (4) Axis CNC Machine Center. Designed to perform milling, drilling, and cutting operations in various aluminum profiles either in pairs or singles. The SCF430 consist of a dual pusher in-feed system and comes complete with dual universal grippers that will accommodate material up to 10.00” in height and width.

The fabrication section of the SCF-430 consists of a high performance precision pivoting milling/drilling spindle that covers the majority of the fabrication required in the industry. Tooling is provided by an automatic multi-station tool holder. Equipped with a 30” diameter saw blade in the independent cutting station allows the SCF-430 to perform precision sizing of a pair of profiles while minimizing processing times. The SCF-430 comes complete with a matching out-feed protected roller system to accommodate processed lineal profiles.

Optimization and special material handling components are optional.