One Mean Machine

Our new standard line of machines offer customers a product that is technically advanced and characterized by extreme robustness with the price advantages of a standardized component compared to custom design. This extensive line also offers great flexibility through its wide variety of products and optimizations to meet virtually any requirement.

Our standard machines are ideal for working with aluminum, light alloys and PVC materials.

We also have a complete CNC shop.
Over the last 10 years, JMC has produced more than 3,100 machines, averaging over 300 machines a year. In 2006, JMC produced a record high of 52 SFMC’s alone!


In addition to our diverse line of high-quality standard fabrication machines, JMC also offers complete custom machine solutions, designed to your exact needs and specifications. From a single equipment application to facilitating a full production line, JMC has the engineering, manufacturing and service resources to meet even the most rigorous production demands.

Our top-quality, high-production machines:
  • Increase production/efficiency
  • Minimize production costs
  • Save floor space through consolidation
  • Produce zero scrap

Our custom machines are ideal for working with aluminum, light alloys, PVC, wood, fiberglass and steel materials.
JMC produces a four-point welder for cellular vinyl material with no cleaning required.

Innovative Solutions