Don’t be limited by space or speed again.

The horizontal CNC routers of yesteryear hinder your ability to move faster and maximize your production space.

Joseph Machine’s Casadei line of CNC Panel Routers innovate finally on an old technology.

Casadei’s vertical CNC Panel Routers cut, edge, band, and bend faster than any horizontal panel router you’ve ever seen.

All without breaking your operator’s back.

Use 60% less floor space than bulky, obtuse horizontal panel routers.

Fabricate architectural panels up to 500% faster than with router bits.

One operator to rule them all. Use less technicians to make more units.

We build machines to your needs, not the other way around.

See how we got a curtain wall manufacturer from 10 operators to 1 by automating their production line.

Today’s productivity demands a smarter use of your space. Move faster without adding square feet.

You need to produce more without adding people or expanding the building. Don’t let your machines hinder your ability to make more.

Vertical panel routers use less than half the space your bulky existing horizontal routers uses while making the work easier on your people.

Fabricate a panel design that stands out in a crowded architectural field.

It’s not enough to make an architectural panel.

It also has to stand out and provide that aesthetic feel that will make a building unique among others.

Casadei machines provide all of the architectural panel processes you need with precision and durability. All with a superior operator experience that makes the work faster and more efficient.

Casadei hits all the key metrics you need and then some.

Casadei vertical CNC Panel Routers use 60% less space than horizontal panel routers.

It’s router bits also enable your operators to fabricate panels at up to 2,000 inches per minute. That’s up to 500% faster.

Because the panels can load automatically, you can use a single operating technician for your panel routing machine to produce panels throughout the day.

We’ve helped companies large and small transform just like you.

Watch the Casadei vertical CNC Panel Router in action