Dillsburg, PA. (May 6th, 2011) – "Cub Scout troop #39 tours JMC": 

The local Dillsburg based Cub Scout troop #39 toured JMC: 
Joseph Machine Company welcomed the local group of young ones (primarily based from the 3rd grade) to our location for a quick tour. Patrick Myers, service manager led the young lads on a quick tour of our facility. 

Every question ranging from 'How large is the building? "to "Can I keep this nut I found on the floor?" was thown at Pat Myers.  In this photo Pat is shown holding up a knife in the tooling room that was hardened in Joseph Machine Companys' own heat treatment oven where temperatures can reach up to approximately 1800 degrees.

In a quick design session (see photo below) with Tom Vajdic (JMC Engineering Manager), one of the Cub scouts asked if Tom could change the color of the machine to purple. Tom's response was "I don't have purple" Wink .....Small gift bags and candy were provided by JMC and were most certainly viewed as the highlight of the day by the troop!