Composite, Aluminum, Honeycomb and Fibre Panel Processing

Process your panels faster with less space, fewer operators & better quality

Accelerate your panel manufacturing

The demands on facade and architectural panel manufacturers to produce on time and on budget is never-ending.

Lead times are always lengthening, and the skilled labor landscape is always changing. Still, with increased demand for architectural panels, you’re under constant pressure to fulfill orders in a timely manner.

This is especially true for your biggest customers.

If capacity and output are hindering your growth, you’ve outgrown your current panel processing line.

Making panels by hand already hinders your ability to grow, but even the industry standard horizontal CNC routers are limiting.

Casadei ProComposite Tech vertical panel routers, edgers, banders and benders improve upon the outdated horizontal CNC routers of yesterday. Accelerate your productivity, meet your customer’s demands and improve your finished part quality

Horizontal CNC routers are last century’s technology

The horizontal CNC router has been the only technology available for panel manufacturing for decades. And the majority of them are stagnant in design, lack advanced automation technology, have poor dust collection and inefficient vacuum table designs.

It’s amazing there hasn’t been a significant improvement in design for these since they were first introduced.

Until now.

Today, there are faster and more robust options for manufacturers looking to scale production without adding floorspace or people.

Productivity demands a smarter use of your space. And making your people operate at peak efficiency.

The CNC routers of yesterday are not as safe, have little or no flexibility, and require too much manual activity.

They drag production time with inefficient loading and unloading workflows.

And this holds your company back from growing your business and bringing new customers into the fold.

Casadei Industria has the technology to change how you manufacture panels

Today, panel makers are growing with technology that can grow with them. With that comes CNC routers paired with machinery that can edge, fold, bend a multitude of modern materials like composite, aluminum, and honeycomb panels to your exact specification.

Enter Casadei Industria ProComposite Tech. Casadei Industria’s line of CNC routers with vertical tables offer huge advantages over traditional horizontal CNC processes.

Save space. Decrease your manpower needs.

  • Single-operator CNC router with vertical table frees up labor to other areas of production
  • Open up your floor space by 60%
  • Fabricate up to 500% faster than with traditional router bits by using aggregate specific heads and grooving tools
  • Decrease cycle time with automatic panel loading

Every process you need for CNC routing

Manufacturing panels and facades requires more than just panel routing.

Other processes like extrusion sawing, bending, edging, folding and banding are needed to get your customer’s design to stand out.

Get perfect finishes to your manufactured panels. Casadei Industria’s line of panel manufacturing machines execute all of the processes you need with precision and durability.

Don’t let outdated panel processing technology hold you back. Work with the most innovative providers of CNC panel processing solutions.

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Scale production.

Stop relying on hard-to-find skilled labor.

Improve safety and eliminate repetitive stress injuries.

Meet your goals.

Grow your business.

Key problem solved

  • Cut cycle times
  • Reach 90-95% material yield
  • Maximize production flexibility
  • Fewer operators required
Let’s talk about your dream project

Let’s talk about your dream project

Our mission is simple: To understand your unique requirements, and then engineer, build and install a lineal processing line that meets and exceeds them.